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On the web

In case you havent got the website yet: we will help you build any site, write texts for it, make up graphical design, find the place for it on the server, register domain name and make it well known for everybody. Dont you believe?

In case you already have the web site: we will consult you on how to make it the best of all your competitors; in case of need we will renovate the design and most of all we will tell you how to invest in your website. Shall we ?

In addition to any taste:

  • Logotypes and brand;
  • Publicity banners and their placing in the different networks and areas;
  • Unique domains names;
  • Hosting at the powerful servers;
  • Marketing researches;
  • Consultations.

Web design in details...

Beyond the web

Studio VIVA is engaged in creating software of different difficulty levels.

Using a wide range of technologies, we are able to project and bring to realization such a software product, that will not only correspond to the needs of your business, but will help you to get in the head place among your competitors.

How? We will work out detailed specification, create a convenient interface, write a clear programming code, and organize a precise examination of the project. And at last implement and provide technical support of a real - existing working software product on the corresponding working systems.

Programming in detail...

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